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Your employment service specialists - Employment counsellors who understand Employment Services processes and who achieve very specific and consistent outcomes


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our services for your employees – and for you as an organisation – are as individual as they are.

Employment Services

Programs tailored to industry contractual requirements



Established in 2002, Pure Insights has fast become a leading Counselling and Training organisation with specialist expertise in the job services industry.

We are not generalised counsellors, we are employment counsellors who understand Employment Services processes and who achieve very specific and consistent outcomes.

Our fully qualified practitioners have a wealth of knowledge of local and international experience across a broad range of counselling areas including:

  • Unemployment Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and trauma
  • Crisis
  • addictions

For over 10 years our specialised, result-driven employment counselling and workshops have helped improve the KPI's and Star Ratings of so many Employment Service providers.

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Community Services


Client Counselling

  • The world sees barriers.
  • We see opportunities

Our career counselling is like non other, Employment Services are receiving astounding results of around 72% of the referred Jobseekers (inclusive of a high numbers of Stream C) are achieving outcomes, whether it be employment, educational, social or referral (DES,DSP or the like) The outcomes are raising profits, star ratings and impacting the lives of many!! The results speak for themselves.

The reason we achieve such positive outcomes for your clients is because we initially spend time establishing and building trust.  We explain that our process is designed to help them move forward and to progress, not to punish or penalise them.

We challenge and re-shape your client's thinking so that throughout the course of the counselling sessions they begin to understand that the outcome is to take positive steps in a particular direction, whatever that direction is: social, employment-based or educational.

We will also liaise with external community organisations like doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists in order to manage your client's case with the benefit of a full and accurate picture. We obtain as much documentation as possible in order to fill in the chapters of your client's story.  By doing this we may recommend alternative outcomes such as stream adjustment, work capacity adjustment etc.

Although we have a framework for delivering one-on-one counselling sessions, we can customise these sessions to suit your needs.   At all times, we will have open communication between ourselves, your client and your Employment Advisers. While we won't disclose confidential and sensitive information from the counselling sessions, we will always keep you informed about our progress, in particular the direction we're taking and the goals we're working toward.


Private Counselling

  • The world sees barriers
  • We see opportunities

For the past 8 years we have consistently achieved outcomes for Stream 4 clients through our one-on-one counselling services.

Details at a glance:

  • We offer a 6 session counselling package, however, we can tailor a specific package to suit your site's needs.
  • We debrief with your Employment Advisers after every session
  • Onsite facilitation


What Customers Say

  • "Overall having this program at Miller site have helped our staff and clients identify their barriers and been open about it."

    "You have an excellent understanding of the JSA contact and the needs of our staff and clients. Great work. Thank you"

    "We are able to refer our clients to a in-house counselling service when they disclose that they have barriers"

    - Manager Feedback

  • "The counsellor always gives excellent feedback after she has seen clients which helps us to move forward with assisting out clients to overcome their barriers to finding employment"

    "Clients who are refereed to her always report back positively about their counselling experience/sessions"

    "Our counsellor has some excellent results with some of my clients. For example several have entered detox and really turn their lives around"

    - Staff feedback

  • "I found the counsellor very easy to talk and she gave some good advice"

    "The counsellor was very open and understanding. I felt very relaxed talking to her, we laughed and talked well"

    "She completely understands how and what I've been going through. Her Advice is invaluable and I ALWAYS feel really comfortable and look forward to seeing her. I am very upset that only 6 sessions were provided and that I'm not allowed to continue seeing her – even privately"

    - Client feedback

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